Be The Change This Thanksgiving – No Turkey

Be The Change This Thanksgiving – No Turkey
22nd November 2018 digestivecookie

Be The Change This Thanksgiving

no turkey

Happy thanksgiving! Today, we hope to address an issue that has been bothering us for a few years.

For many of families around the world, consuming turkey is a tradition. Through the years, most people around us never question the tradition.

But today, could we ask ourselves why does another being’s suffering has to be part of us, the humans’ tradition?

We did a search on Google, but even Google is unable to provide a clear answer. Here is what Google says:

“The history of the Thanksgiving turkey is a bit of a mystery. Nobody knows exactly how this particular bird earned a place of honor at the table each November, but historians have a few different theories.”

So, if no one knows why, then why do most people still follow these “traditions” blindly?

Traditions are meant to be constantly challenged and reevaluated. The essence of Thanksgiving is to be with the people that meant the most to us, our friends and families, while being grateful that we have a roof over our head, food on our table, and people who genuinely care about us.

We hope that this year, we can help to create the awareness and positive influence, that the suffering of another living being is never required for us to have great time through thanksgiving.

Have a great thanksgiving weekend ahead.

The TokyoBags Team