Best Vegan Bags of 2017 by Peta UK

Best Vegan Bags of 2017 by Peta UK
13th November 2018 digestivecookie

Best Vegan Bags of 2017 by Peta UK

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Hi there!

We are proud to share that Tokyo Bags has been selected as Best Vegan Bags of 2017 by PETA UK.

As one of the first 100% vegan and sustainable-minded men’s bags store, we started Tokyo Bags with the goal of creating awareness that men’s apparel and bags can also be ethically made.

We are proud that our participation in the movement has driven more consumers to start demanding ethical apparels and vegan bags for which no animals were beaten, slaughtered, or skinned.

We thank everyone one you, who has purchased a vegan bag, who has came into our store or shared our social media posts. Because every action counts, and together, the change we made is impactful and real.

“Every cause produces more than one effect” – Herbert Spencer