Happy Mother Day – For Our Mother Earth

Happy Mother Day – For Our Mother Earth
13th May 2018 digestivecookie

Happy Mother (Earth) Day

happy mother day

Dear Mother Earth,

On Mother’s Day, 13th May 2018, we want to celebrate you too.

It has been our honor to walk on the soil of your grounds, giving us the freedom to explore and roam.

Thank you for showing us that life has seasons that changes, where they each have their unique beauty.

Thank you for feeding all of us and not judging any of us.

We are sorry that we have no been so kind to you lately.

You provided us with life, shelter, food and so much much, yet we take you for granted.

We partake in activities which had not only harmed our own kind, but also hurt other species which some to the point of extinction.

You were once a beautiful place where everything live in peace, until we came along. With our selfish greed that were never satisfied, we litter, we pollute, we steal, we kill, we destroy anything for our selfish needs.

We’ve destroyed thousands of acres of our rainforests and killed wildlife on the name of industrialisation. We dump tons of plastic into the sea daily, all without blinking an eye.

We have wars that lead to deaths of millions of people, and we vote for leaders who commercialise warfare.

We are so taken by greed, that anything that happens to the environment is an after thought.

But yet through millions of years, you have been forgiving, and forgiving.

I hope we will learn to take care of you from now, even if it takes baby steps. But we believe, a thousands baby steps here, can make a big leap in humanity. For we will learn, or we will lose you.

Happy mother day to all mothers out there, and also to our mother earth.

Yours sincerely,
Your children of Earth