Happy Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day 2018
24th April 2018 digestivecookie

Happy Earth Day 2018


Here is something which we want to share today.

We know that the fashion industry is number one industry in contributing to waste and pollution.

Many people has said that it is not possible to be eco-friendly when making fashion products.

They say that fashion is all about being in a trend, changing fast to keep customers engaged all the time

It irritates us when people says this.

As believers in minimalism, we know that it is not a fine line between essentials and style.

This is what that drives the aesthetics of Tokyobags.

If you have noticed, we choose to make our bags in classic and timeless colors.

This is because we believe that a classic and timeless design will encourage the owner of the bag to use it as long as possible, so as many occasions required.

We believe that the more uses we have for a bag, the less we will need to hoard, which directly impacts environment and waste.

If you have purchased our bags bags, you will notice our little “Vegan Bag” tag, that tells you about our materials, and the recyclable-packaging which we ship it in.

Every little actions counts.

Hence, we hope to continue to do our part in our little ways, even in this harsh fashion industry.

We are really proud to be part of this environmental friendly movement.

Happy Earth DAY 2018!