We can be the change

We can be the change
1st January 2018 digestivecookie

We can be the change

Hi there, We hope you’re enjoying time with your loved ones in 2018.

It has brought us great joy in the past year, working with many influencers and brands who are passionate in promoting ethical and environmental friendly products.

We started TokyoBags with the aspiration that one day, we can all look at using animals as materials a thing of the past. And today in 2018, it is still our goal.

Making a new change in people’s mindset has never been easy, but we are committed in making vegan fashion mainstream, and we hope more brands and companies can join us in this movement.

With that, i would like to leave you with some of our partners and influencers who has helped us tremendously along the way.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2018 new year.

– The TokyoBags Team