What is vegan leather?

What is vegan leather?
27th April 2018 digestivecookie

What is vegan leather?


Why do we use vegan leather? Because we believe that a great looking, high quality and durable product does not have the come at the expense of the sufferings of animals.

Vegan leather should be the go to choice in the entire fashion industry. With high quality vegan leather, it allows for the same look and texture of the classic leather aesthetics, while being cruelty-free. There is simply no reason to use animal leather.

Contrary to popular belief, the material properties of a quality vegan leather could be crafted to be superior to animal leather.

Vegan leather comprises of Polyurethane or PU, and dye and a few other substances to the creation of it. Through experimenting with the combination of the formula, we have developed our vegan leather to be both scratch and water-resistant.

We are really glad that more brands have been committing to this new movement of offering vegan leather as an option to their products. Some of the prominent brands are Tesla, who offer vegan leather seating. Dr Martens, who are offering vegan leather on their shoes and bags.

You do not need to be adopt a vegan diet or lifestyle to choose to use vegan leather for your products. (Even though it would help the environment and the millions of animals will thank you for that too)

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– The Tokyo Bags Team